Friday, October 31, 2008

We got the YooToobs

I can't move my laptop right now. It has a flawless connection right now (even didn't get lost when the power went out in my house for less than a minute. The TV and AC both switched off, but not my HP. She musta fed offa her battery, 'cause I was in the middle of loading videos, and didn't get sabotaged. So if'n you got a lotta seconds, try lookie our youtube channel li'dat.

Our most popular one is Vivian Vallo (of the notorious Cherry Blossom Cabaret) who set off the Animal Brigade fashion show at Asterisk this past August. It's our most popular video to date, and the only to get rated (five stars no less).

Our myspace profile editor Kimiko Shawn also maintains the Hula's Bar and Lei Stand video channel Hula's Party TV. Their promotions director bought Kimiko a camera, and now she's outta control. Not even 3 months she's had that camera and already they got almost 250 videos upploaded! She didn't shoot the following video, but she's in it. It's the trailer for the Miss Riot Pageant, produced by Keoki,Inc. (of Riot Clothing) and Brent Anbe (slumming it in the offseason from Universal Show Queen)

Even Kimiko's personal channel is coocoo cool! Check out this clip from this past Mushroom Festival in Kakaako's own Pipeline Cafe. It's of old skool fool Rebekah "Viva La Diva" Long, taking a break from her Beautopia boutique to shift, adjust and tuck something in her, um...... mid-section.

Another of our favourite Cherry Blossom Cabaret girls is DJ Catwings. She is a very busy girl, and we admire her for that, as well as the things she does. Not only is she a burlesque artist (stripper with no full frontals, not even nips), but she hosts Monday Night Live and the 808 Wonderland Monday nights 9pm to midnight on Hawaii college radio KTUH, each of which heavily promotes local music. Most recently this multi-talented starlet started decorating downtown divas with her Catwings Couture.
Watch her here at's Robot Party:

This is taking forever, but it's kinda fun. I'll finish for now with another from my page, it's one of my favourite artists (most-heard CD at the moment) Tassho Pearce aka EMIRC. He performed live with the Spacifics at the Loft on Hotel Street. The tags on his clothing line say "Shaka at ya boy", and here he is getting the crowd to shake some shakas at him as he finishes his set.

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