Saturday, October 11, 2008


Part of the reason I wanted a paper magazine to distribute is: I have a technojinx. Computers don't work for me very often. Even at home, with costly cable, I can't connect all the time. So my blogging has suffered, since every time I wanna blog, something won't do what it's supposed to.

So here's some info that I coulda/shoulda/woulda passed on:

Kaleidoscope is no longer at the Loft. In fact it's on a temporary hiatus till they iron out some venue issues. Promoter Josh 86 was puzzled how at Next Door they could charge $7 and the place was bumping all the time. At the Loft, admission was FREE, and the club was sparsely attended, unless there were live performances, after which the crowds would leave. DJ Ross Jackson still has his shows on KTUH, and Josh still promotes and plays in his bands Black Square, the 86 List, and in November: Hedwig & the Angry Inch at the Honolulu Academy of Arts...
There were a few memorials and tributes to photographer Sergio Goes, at the beach, downtown, and one including an exhibit of Sergio's photos at Aloha Tower. Andrea Torres, mother to Sergio's son Gabriel, danced an aerial farewell...
Angry/Angst Woebots released a new signed and numbered limited edition print at Split Obsession. I had to work, and I'm broke so....And now Woebots's Obama design is the graphic for a bike ride/rally for the presidential nominee on October 25
And for those of you who have been reading the printed issues of Shaka Zine (thanks for all the feedback and critiques) we're still working on our layout, format and focus. Things will eventually shift before the new year.
Although club life has a major influence on culture, parties and events are unpredictable. A few of the parties we were "recommending" on Shaka Zine either hadn't taken off yet, were junk, or no longer happening.
For example, I went looking for the Sunday Night Cypher in Waikiki one night. When I finally found CW's (Coconut Willie's) I could tell the tourists weren't looking for hip-hop. The two young guys in fitted caps and baggy jeans were probbly there for the Cypher, but I was too shy to approach them. So I just watched them watch football on TV. Gave me some images and thoughts to keep my hand full that night.
During my search for the club, I did catch a Bboy coercing some Japanese tourists to watch him dance. It was a short gig, but still a turn-on:

[We know there are more important things than shopping, but we're friends with a lot of small business owners, performers, designers, and other artists. Whatever type of support (however trivial) we can give to the arts and economy, we humbly offer and hope it helps]
Ok, that took longer than necessary. Dratted cursed computers! Thanks for reading.

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