Monday, November 24, 2008

Uppdate: "The Ultimate You" stay closing

Sad to say, but she knew it was coming. (watch the vid till she says "sick lick")
After 25 years (I accidentally typed in 255 years, and almost left it) Kelsey Sears is gonna go exclusively ebay (for now) and closing her high end consignment boutique, so check out the big SALE at The Ultimate You. Boo hoo! Good luck lady, and toodlooo

(and as for you, reading this, the sign in the Nov 22, 2008 news story said 50-90% off, so do what you gotta, whether you've got a yen for quality, expensive tastes, or just a label whore who wants everyone to think s/he ain't trash).


BBQ LAND said...

i remember ara used to work there back in the day. hard econoomic times, gotta stick to the basics. food, clothing, shelter.

Jason said...

255 for the win! :)