Friday, February 29, 2008

The Ultimate You @ 449 Kapahulu Ave

Uppdate: The Ultimate You will be closing their doors for good soon...:(
Sad to say, but she knew it was coming.

The Ultimate You - After carrying on about that other place Stylus consigning things, plus keeping much of their inventory less than $10, it's funny that I'm telling y'all to make it down to The Ultimate You. If there's anything less than $100 I'd be surprised (it'd probbly be pocket-sized and purty cute though). But I gained a new perspective on investing in style when my friend Ara Laylo (fierce fashiony star and singer for The Malcognitas) used to work there, when it was at Ward Centre. Now the shop's right off the street at 449 Kapahulu in the Hee Hing Plaza under Sam Choy's. (Get FREE covered parking underneath).
Ara used to get all excited about finding designer somethings for like $200 or whatever, and I would scoff at a smartie girl like her spending that much on something she probbly wouldn't wear too often. But when she reminded me that (some) designers are artists, and their creations are like mini-masterpieces, I'm all: "duh!".
I recently re-discovered The Ultimate You, and decided to check it out. Apparently from the sign on the door, they're only open Thursday thru Saturday, but according to their website will make appointments at any time for people wishing to sell their clothes and accessories. (734-7724)
Mistaking it for Wednesday when I stopped by, I started snapping pics thru their front door from the outside. How embarrassing when owner Kelsey Sears threw the door open and beckoned me in (it was Thursday) half-jokingly asking, "you wanna buy the whole store?"

I thought to myself "That's it! I pissed off a snooty store owner. She won't wanna be in my blog/zine. Good going." But I was so relieved to find that even though she only accepts "high end" women's clothes, Kelsey is down to earth, really warm and welcoming, and indeed very generous not only with compliments, but with cash. Wondering what I was upp to, I told her about Shakazine, and she became very interested and enthusiastic.

Then a couple of women came thru the door selling banana bread to raise funds for their group that helps out low-income and/or ex-con women. Wow. Right away Kelsey pulled out money to buy some, and complimented the women for working on such a worthy cause. They left happy.
An Yves Saint Laurent bag caught my eye. So we started dropping names, and Kelsey was proud to say that there was some of Anne Namba's "kimono couture" (above) to see. Then she pointed out a Missoni dress (below left) that was originally $3000, but was selling for $500.
Well, after hanging out a while (sorry I couldn't help you put your pics upp on your ebay, Kelsey) I could see why The Ultimate You is my mom's favourite store. It's like a gallery of wearable art, with major discounts, and without the stuffy atmosphere. Still a little upp there for a low-rent frock-donner like myself, but if you're looking for quality, originality and glamour in a friendly setting, this is definitely your destination. The Ultimate You : 449 Kapahulu Ave, in the Hee Hing Plaza, (808) 734-7724, Thurs 11am - 8pm, Fri-Sat 11am - 6pm

more info at The Ultimate, or visit her online store

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