Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fuckin' Snow at Ala Moana!

I gotta go again. Not just 'cause my photos don't do the show justice, but because the "Christmas Gift of Aloha" show (every day Tues thru Sun till Dec 23 @ 6pm) at Ala Moana Centerstage is fuckin' cool! I not only went 'cause (even after getting all tore upp at China Walls), my roomie Stephanie Kong (aka Skong, Skongstress, Skongaroo, puSkonginamo, etc) is in it, but I also wanted to see it because one of my favourite Teddies was there. (Wow I just made upp that term! I hope it doesn't have some pervy connotation. Some people call me a chubby chaser, but I just like small kine heavy/husky boys, nothing like what gay guys call "Bears". Um,no thanks. More like a teddy bear, someone to cuddle with and squeeze. Big but not hairy scary. A Teddy. Aww, I love it.)
His name is Ryan Nagasaki or something. Stephanie says people call him Seki, and he runs some bar. I purposely made myself forget the name, or else he'd have a TRO on me by now. He used to run Slammers on Kalakaua, but I think she said not no more.
Anyways, the show's about Merry, an elf from the North Pole gets lost in Hawaii, then meets Mele, one of Santa's menehunes who make Hawaiian toys for Santa to deliver each Christmas. Then Merry sabotages Christmas by losing all but 3 toys.
The actress sounded so mahu when she comforted him: "Do worry Merry, Christmas isn't ruined", and she broke out into song "All I want for Christmas is my family and friends". A surprisingly anti-commercial song for a Mall to produce.
The musical numbers are fun with happy tunes, cool costumes, clever props and even hip-hop infused choreography. Most of the chics (or is that 'chicks'?) in the show are cute, but Jack Frost is the hot boy. Not a Teddy, but a kane who butchly does his dances even though his pants are tight. And that same actor plays a few other characters, I think he has the most costume changes in the cast. Of course there's a happy ending when Santa shows upp and saves the day. You think he's gonna let some fuck-upp elf ruin his rep? Ya right. And expecially not in Hawaii. Santa's old and worldwise. He knows how them, I'll say "malihinis" have punished the islands over the years, and Santa ain't gonna take the rap for any of their mistakes. Oh Please.
Santa means "saint".

But the best thing about the show is IT FUCKIN' SNOWS!!!
I don't understand, and when you go see the show, I suggest you watch it from the first floor in front of the stage, 'cause from there I couldn't see how they done it (thus the magic of Christmas wasn't spoiled for me).
Believe me, it takes a second to realize what's happening, but about 20 minutes into the show, SNOW begins to slowly fall and fill upp the whole area above the stage. Like a lot of it. For like 10 minutes! But it ain't cold, and by the time it reaches the level of the crowd, it kinda dissolves and disappears. Doesn't even leave a mark, or moisture. For real. The show kept going, snow kept falling, little kids were running around, but the ground wasn't wet or slippery or nothing.

I had to fight back tears. It was unreal.

Right away I ran to all the stores where I knew some of the workers, and told them all about it. They could tell I was high, but knew that as a showgirl myself, such praise doesn't come lightly from me. And I was blown away. So...
Speaking of Teddies, I knew that Lightsleepers was gonna have an event at exclusive boutique at the corner of Kapiolani & Piikoi that night. The Pop Up Store is actually just a temporary takeover of a wall in the shop selling Lightsleepers merchandise including Tshirts & CDs. But next week that wall is being attacked by Peekaboo Monster, and Contrast Magazine might drop any moment, so I'm sure things will get shook upp as the Pop Up sticks around till December 30th.
The opening night festivities drew a healthy crowd of boys. I was pleased with the turnout.
It was a mix of skaters, rockers, muffies, rappers and their keikis, all passing thru to support Kavet the Catalyst and his Prot~atypical party partner Lofa. I guess they were happy too.
Out in front of the store was DJ table setupp, and a cooler full of juices and energy drinks. DJ Observ (a chipper chap called Chad whom I met that night) tag teamed the turntable with Kavet, while the kids skated, shopped, and socialized.
Sorry Lofa, I chickened out of asking you to pose for a pic. I think these are your legs on the left:
but here's a pic of Lofa adjusting his shaka bra:
Muchos props to KTC and Lofa for their continuing efforts to unite and entertain while inspiring creativity and ifluencing arts and culture in the islands. (but because I was following the faulty flyer, I might have to work on Peekaboo night)


ponyponytail said...

Yeeeeah!! It's the Christmas Gift of ALOHA, what what. Thanks for the awesome pic of my bussup knee.

christa said...

SO wish i could have made it to the pop up shop! looked even more amazing than i was thinking.

thank you for posting.