Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look! Book!

"That's awesome!" Of course that would be Ross Jackson's reply uppon finding a pic of himself in Dan Weaver's new book "Vodka Soda".
But he's right. I had to pretend I was gonna take a shit to excuse myself during another one of Ross's "I'm gonna have a houseful of haoles" harangues, just to get the most out of the glossy picture pages. (disclaimer: one Elegant Olopop, and 3 amasians showed upp later in the evening)
Anyone who knows him....wait, I should say, Anyone who's been drunk in public with him knows how charmingly obnoxious (I would say ubiquitous, but I forget what it means) a paparazzoid Dan be. Try check his site of sights

If you get to talkin' to him, you'll find out he's in the Top 10 of dat kine photogs. I'm not a connoisseur of party paps, so I wouldn't know it unless he told me. But I have to admit, I do like his shit.
Aside from all his cool friends, and all the other beautiful people, he got pics of international stars like top model Agyness (above) as well as Samuel Jackson (below)
but there's also some local sex symbols like Dave Noodle (above) or rap stars, like the cutie below wearing my favourite shirt by another hot local designer (I forgot to mention, Dan also makes clothes, I just found his website, and he even just got featured in SMART magazine) But whatevers about wearables. Sex sells, and apparently Dan knows that too. He's included something for everyone whether you like
...feet or pussy.... ....hos or bitches......
...dick or ass or balls or pee....
.....hairy cracks or nipples in a net..... Luckily I like it all!
But of course, the best parts are of the hammered hipsters, and there's two of my favourite: Mike Robideaux, whom I'd like to Make Rubbin'dix with. And I almost got to...He came upp to me after the club one night, 'cause he heard a rumour my roomie Ross was having a party at our house, that he hadn't invited Mike to. So Mike asked me if he could come. Right away I did.
He was with his friend John who used to be cute, but always was unjustifiably uppity. You ever fantasize about people you're not attracted to just 'cause you've seen all the porn in your house too many times, and everyone else around is either typical "indy" kids, or otherwise uninteresting? Ya, that was my predicament. So, as if I was about to die, the whole gang rape scene between me, Mike and John flashed before my eyes (a few times with alternate endings and multiple money shots), I squirt in my panties, and then like any normal guy who just let a load off, I was over it and said nuh-uh. So haggle with Dan over the price of his book, check if you're in it, then rub yourself the right way...mmkay?


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