Monday, March 30, 2009


My huzzbin Aaron Yoshino just revamped his website and will most likely be uppdating it frequently. Check it out and let him know what you think. Plus hurry upp and get down to In4mation in Ward Warehouse later this week to see Aaron's latest exhibit "The End is Near" showcasing the high-living low lights of Downtown Honolulu. It's already tooken down from the boardshop uppstairs, but will be re-mounted soon in their main store for the month of April. And spend some time flipping through Aaron's daily photoblog 5toLife for a peak at some of his personal faves, poems and insights.
Aaron recently honoured me by giving me a couple photos of myself that he had taken during a performance I did at a fundraiser for Next Door. I doubt he'd publish them, but it's very flattering to have his watermark on my image. Thanks cutie.

Unfortunately for Next Door, was celebrating her 6 year anniversary at Pearl Ultralame that same night, so downtown, and pretty much the rest of Honolulu were desserted. That just made it easier for me to perform, and get the nerve to approach Aaron on the street after the show. Don't tell him, but he's my new Teddy.
From Next Door, I ran home to change into a collared shirt and headed to Pearl to support Christa and congratulate her for her longevity and many accolades. I didn't get past the door guy though, as he repeated a couple times "no sneakers". It was weird how he kept looking me in the eye, then back at my hand with the $20 bill I'd pulled out to pay cover. It was that "well, for twenty bucks I guess I could overlook the dress code" kinda look. (I know how to do/read it, I used to be a door whore)

But I'm not much into crowds, and by the look at the rest of the line, I knew it wasn't my scene, and gladly drove off to check out Aaxtion Video. I found out the next day Aaron got turned away at Pearl for dress code too. Had I known, I woulda offered to share a booth with him at Aaxtion. My treat.

Since no one was there that night, and I went through the trouble of taping down my tits and stuffing my pants in boy drags, here's the thing I read at Next Door that night.

Faggots is hot!
One of which
I am not
Butt sometimes I can pass
Get to fuck guys upp the ass

Just strap down my breasts
Strap-on the rest

Over there
Thomas Square
Kapiolani Park
Hell, they can't tell
in the dark

Just find some sissy hunk who's all drunk
Or some pissy punk strung out on that junk

In the hanging roots
of the banyan trees
Force that fool
down on his knees

And when I say so
He will go
down on my dildo

Turn him round
and I put it
right upp his butt

And boys will be boys hunny
If he wants I'll make noise
What the Hell? I'm pro-choice
Just gotta tone down my voice

When I cum
and we're done
It's no fun.

What can I say?
I'm a bitch
A girl gets attached.

Every day
I wish
My eggs could hatch
a detachable snatch


honozooloo said...

LOL. so the apple store offered to e-mail my receipt to me the last time i dropped in to buy something. thinking that i might save a small part of a tree i said "sure" and gave them my e-mail address. lo and behold i never got my receipt...and two months later the headphones broke and i had to go to the store and ask for a printed copy of the receipt so i could return it to the manufacturer.

they printed the receipt and after a closer examination i noticed that they had spelled my e-mail address: .

no wonder i didn't get that e-mail.

BBQ LAND said...

cavan looks stoked