Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"White Flight" or "I & I ALONE"

I've been upp over 24 Hours already, so this gotta end. I'll make corrections, but just wanted to feel productive so I can claim that smoking pot gingerly germinates some of my greats. This story's still a work in progress, so here's a rough draft I'll likely be too over soon to fix upp much.

I might have to edit this posting too many times, but I'm gonna go with it right now because I'm so inspired by someone who started following me on Twitter. Plus I'm so stoned I might forget what I'm feeling/thinking about, so if I don't record it now, it may vanish from my memory altogether, like so many things that happen when I'm high.

His name is Isaiah White and he has a website that it seems he was motivated to develop and expand, after his " scandalous" videos wound upp in a youtube search for a popular radio hit

If you look at his pics, read his "Tweets" and watch his videos, you'll most likely surmise that he is young and silly, sorta unspoiled. But take a deeper look and you'll learn that he lives in a town where there's not much for someone with his energy and intellect to do. So he makes, stars and even kills himself in videos, while he texts and twitters, and manages his website in hopes of enough success and popularity to travel the world courtesy his stardom.

His tweets are the usual: mundane & frivolous. But they're alive & convey all the feelings that something with life does. They bore me (like many tweets do), send me reminiscing (as only deodorant scents from my past could), make me laugh (at or with him), even confound me (like when he mentioned writing a "fictional novel" which doesn't exist / as opposed to a "fiction novel" which would be about something that doesn't exist)

His animation is rough, and intentionally unsync'd. At the same time he teaches people how and why he makes his characters. He writes songs or 'covers' popular tunes in his own innocently innovative ways. Then tackles social issues like Plastic Surgery and Obesity. He even is planning a store on his website, which also includes an audition questionnaire for anyone who might want to be in his videos. But don't assume you're too good for him though, 'cause the casting is upp to Isaiah, and he's not too timid to admit you may not be good enough.

After he had me figuratively rolling on the floor laughing my ass off with his Tweets about wanting cookies, starting to make them, having to wait for them not only to cook but also to cool, and finally eating and really enjoying them, I sent him a video a friend of mine made about cookies.

Turns out the name and recipe for the cookies in the video were inspired by an act that might seem deviant, however common I've learned it to be. The comments posted about the video revealed my oversight, which made me re-consider how appropriate it would be for him to view it.

But things only got worse. I experienced a "wardrobe malfunction" of sorts this weekend, and decided to tweet about it. It was a dirty fact of life, but one he may not have been prepared to hear. Nor do I want the responsibility of being the one to expose Isaiah to such images, whether visual or suggestive.

Upon later review I also realized that within the context of everything that had come to pass during the time he began receiving my posts, I was providing provocative images for someone whose world might be warped by them. (If not, I'm not doin' my job...but he might be too young for me to wanna impose on or imprint)

So I decided to block him access to my Twitter page. Not exactly extreme, but express ex-communicado. I don't know if (while in his search for hundreds of people to follow in the hopes they'll do the same to him) that he even reads anything of mine, but I've gotten paranoid and worried that I'm doing something wrong. Not by being myself! By introducing certain concepts to someone whom I (possibly inccorectly) judged to be "not the target" of my brand of bullshit.

Just like when you don't teach your kids about sex or the holocaust or the denial of either... whatever you choose to instill in them. After being charmed by Isaiah's demureness and demeanour, I don't like the feeling that I might possibly do some damage to his psyche.

It reminds me of how after seeing Brad Posey or Divine's earlier works, them freaks opened my eyes, changed my life and outlook on it. Isaiah probbly won't find me cool in any such way. But I sought my interests without none of 'em even knowing or caring anything about me. Sounds like he did the same to me, but not as a fan, but as a Twitter fanatic. Statistician. But it pays off: I've been inspired by the internet & mortified by my mortality, so maybe I'll start thinkin' and actin' not just pondering and reacting .

I feel like I know a little about Isaiah, he's intriguing, so that's what has pushed me to practice discretion, in effect censoring myself. No delusions of grandeur or self-incriminations of perversion, just a confession that I know I'm not as cute as I think. I don't tell my mom the things I do online or in the dark, and that's by choice for a lotta reasons. Same thing for Isaiah, for a lotta reasons I think I've kind of explained to myself, if not to you here.

Like even his Scandalous Face Cream exhibits a pre-911 naivete, ok?

Am I underestimating, and dare I say depriving, Isaiah's great mind & thus in effect, my own? Or am I avoiding some kind of Celine Dion December/May I sugardaddy cyberstalking situation? Thank God he's not my type. I love me some boys Black, but I just can't with Isaiah White.




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