Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I got to work early this morning to help my friend Mr X shoot a J/O (jerkoff) scene at DHV Kakaako. This isn't the first time I've helped him, I actually got to run the second camera in my living room where he shot a scene for Slut Air 3.
The girl in the scene (I think her name is Lana, above right with the black coat on) was so cute. After the facial money shot she looked around herself, saying "I tried to catch it all on my face". She didn't wanna let our carpet get semen-stained. So thoughtful. (I know it smells like Clorox and taste like cocaine-drip, but does sperm also have bleaching action? Oh, wait. Nevermind. None of my black socks changed colour.)
I was also on-set photographer for a couple other scenes in my house, with Kaila Mai & Koa Wood, one shot of which made it to the cover of Shaka Zine #5.
Kaila was real sweet. We officially met when Mr X promoted "Party Like a Porn Star" at Club 939, to promote his movie Double Header that included a scene with Kaila and fellow local girl Jandi Lin in a 2-girl POV BJ scene. (POV stands for Point of View, and that's when the scene is shot from the male actor's perspective, meaning the cock in the scene is the cameraman's. To save money and ensure he gets a good performance from his male talent, Mr X shoots POV often.)
Kaila's a local girl who moved to the mainland and became a porn star to make some quick cash. She had a few movies under belt, and was planning to quit before coming back home. When she told me she was thinking of changing her look, I warned her not to dye her hair back dark until after she got her braces removed and was pau with porn, so that it was less likely people would recognize her right away.
I also had to coach her at 939. Luckily she went on before Jandi, who really commanded everyone's attention with her performance. Kaila was awkward, and after clumsily prancing around the platform during her song, she was ready to leave the stage with all her clothes still on. When I asked her if she was done, she seemed surprised. I pointed out all the boys and butchies who were eagerly waving dollar bills and waiting for the rest of her show.

"What am I supposed to do?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I explained to her: "Um, you could start by taking your clothes off and dancing for them dollars...but don't take everything off until the 3rd or 4th song!" Doesn't she have cable?
She did okay, and made a little money, but was eager to get off the stage.

"I'm a porn star, not a stripper!"

When it comes to video, I have to say, Kaila is a professional. As naive as she might be (didn't even bring photos or DVDs to sign at 939, missing out on a lotta $$), she is what some people would call a trouper. During both scenes I got to photo, her male co-star really put her through it. Unfortunately Koa Wood, though well-endowed and experienced, is not what most in the industry would call a "professional" per se.
Don't get me wrong, he's a good performer. But either Koa has too much sex or it takes a lot to get him off, because he can't do what most male stars are expected to do: cum on command. Kaila withstood over an hour of pounding before their second scene together was finally over, and throughout you could see how his size was hurting her, but she didn't complain once.
Mr X did shoot a scene with Jandi Lin in our house as well, but I wasn't invited to watch that, which kinda sucked because her co-star (and then-boyfriend) was a hot hapa boy. It was for the website After the cameras were put away, Jandi & cutie took a shower and shook the whole house. What a screamer! Mr X got a boner & a bonus scene when he quickly unpacked and caught the couple mid-coitus while cleaning upp.
Jandi went on to work for major companies like Hustler, Evil Angel and Digital Playground, and I hear she made the cover of AVN Magazine as one of the industry's major upp-n-cummers. However, she seems to have put her career on hold, having returned to Honolulu, and has been seen working downtown (indoors).
An equal-opportunity exploiter, Mr X has also branched off into other arenas of eroticism. He just recently released "Tranny Aloha", the first transsexual DVD shot in Hawaii. I already met a few of the girls either backstage during a show, working the streets, and of course at home when they did some solo (masturbation) scenes at my house for a website that had hired Mr X to shoot them. I'm not sure which site it was, but the girls were quite a sight in themselves.
I hear they're kinda embarrassed though(or at least pretending to be), allegedly unaware that the DVD would be released in the islands. When me and the other mahus I work with proudly spread the word that our friends were movie stars, one pretty much summed upp all of their feelings with the sentiment "I'm so irras that now all these J Queens know what my laka looks like!"
Mr X also has a gay line called Cherry Boy Asia. Unfortunately none of scenes were shot here, 'cause I love me some yellow meat. As with his Asia Bootleg series, most of the scenes are smuggled out of places like the Phillippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and other island nations. It's funny 'cause he says that his gay stuff looks a lot better than the straight stuff. But even when he tries real hard to make his straight stuff look good, and gets all artsy with it, the movies don't do so well. As a straight guy he should know, most dudes are only looking for some hot action and new pussy. Only females and fags are really interested in art direction, story, or any other production values.

I'm getting to the story about the solo we shot today. Ya sure, I'm just as excited to talk about it as you are to hear it. One of Mr X's most popular series is called "Lei'd in Hawaii". Like Tranny Aloha, a lot of the scenes take place on the beach. I'm not sure which beach, as we don't have any legal nude beaches on Oahu, and I wouldn't wanna sabotage any future fuck flicks by guessing where he films them. Lana, the girl from Slut Air 3 is in #2, and fetish model Kina Kai is on the cover of the original. Mr X's latest local project is I don't wanna include the link yet 'cause it's not upp and running right now. He's registered the URL, but the web provider service (whatever you call them) is kinda just squatting on his page till he adds content. And I think today was the first step toward creating the site.
When I got the call to see if he could shoot in our store, right away I said yes without asking permission. My first question was "What kind of scene?"Soon as When he told me it was a solo with a local Japanese guy, I was leaking tranny fluid. Right away I'm all "Meet me after midnight and we could do it after closing". But "Randy" the model, has a girlfriend and that would be too late for him to sneak out of the house.
We planned to meet at 745am, so we could finish before the store opens at 9am. I got there at 715 and had done all my opening duties, eaten breakfast and shat it all out by 740am. At 750, I was pacing and decided to look outside for everyone. There was the usual blue collar guys in our lot sneaking off to pick upp breakfast down the block, an old lady picking upp dog-shit by the bar next door, and some middle-aged uncle cruising in his truck. WHAT THE FUCK? Yet it wasn't long before Mr X pulled upp and parked, and then (gasp!) Uncle jumped outta his truck and introduced himself. I totally went flaccid and the turtled receded into his shell.
The guy wasn't ugly, cute face & smile, but he didn't try to look pretty. We usually avoid telling guys who agree to do a solo scene (they make more $ than doing a boy/girl 'cause it's all about him since he's the only one on camera) that it's for a gay audience. Sorry but shallow faggots don't take a second glance at 49 year-old goateed guys in beat-upp backwards trucker hats, oversized worn out Marathon t-shirts, stained stone-washed jeans, and hash slippahs. But you work with what you got.
I let them into the store, and after casing the joint, Xeroxing ID's and discussing the Tranny Aloha controversy, I reminded Mr X that the store opened in 30 minutes. So without much coaching, we set upp the scene. Randy would walk into the store, I would greet him, he'd look around, make sure on one was watching, pull out his dick and yank it onto a DVD box cover. Let's do this!
Took almost 30 seconds for Randy to see the ACTION signal and come through the door. I said my usual "If you need help with anything, just lemme know" (I shoulda said "If you need a hand with anything..."). He looked around a bit, grabbed a DVD, went to the assigned TS/Classics/8HR Comp aisle, dropped trou and went for it. I could tell it was his first time. First time shooting a porn, and first time sneaking a wank in a porn shop. If we weren't so rushe I woulda taught him a few tricks, but it's just a movie, so reality ain't key.
At the point we thought was "mid-scene", Mr X asked me to shoot some stills. I fumbled with the camera and focused on Randy's dick, then he asked "Where do you want me to come?" Less than a minute after Mr X told him to do it on the DVD box, he did! Um...okay. That was quick. He did as he was told and put the DVD box onto the shelf and Mr X zoomed in to catch the cum slippery sliding down the plastic cover. Beautiful. No, really, it looked cool.
Then Mr X was inspired to shoot an "alternate-ending". After a quick Kleenex clean-upp, he told Randy to stash the box into his pants and leave the store. Camera rolling, Randy did as he was told, and on his way out the door I, as the oblivious store clerk, told him "Thanks man. Come again!" God I'm so funny. This isn't: As they left, Mr X tells Randy, " I wanna shoot again. Doug, doesn't he look like a fisherman?"

(this is the cover for Hawaii Five Ho, the box Randy came on. It stars Pua Lei, the star of the first boy/girl sex scene I shot, co-starring Koa Wood. The scene came out well, and Koa came when he was supposed to. Unfortunately, the second-cameraman and I had each shot on different settings. One of us on full-screen, the other on wide-screen. Vidiots!)


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Mr X did shoot a scene with Jandi Lin in our house as well, but I wasn't invited to watch that, which kinda sucked because her co-star (and then-boyfriend) was a hot hapa boy. It was for the website After the cameras were put away, Kaila & cutie took a shower and shook the whole house.

i think you meant Jandi!

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thanks for paying attention rAY, and for being one of the first to leave a comment in a loooOOOOONG time.