Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Straight to DVD

Well, we shot our show Shaka Talk on June 5, and because of some technodifficulties, didn't get scheduled to premiere until July 24. However, my mom called me upp Saturday telling me I was on TV. Apparently Olelo had some time to fill, so they just popped us on. As soon as it was done, my phone rang. Olelo makes you put contact info, and some dude was either impressed with our guest Won's work, or wanted to date a mahu. Next time I'm dressed upp I'll call him back.

To get a show on Olelo, you have to be certified. When I took the classes forever ago, you

So I guess it's okay to un-private Shaka Talk #1 at I'll elaborate more but #1 is Diar "D.R." Rhea and Edna Mc Man interviewing Origami Artist Won Park, and on #2 D.R. & Edna interview Perception Technician Alex Iverson. #2 gotta stay private until it premieres on Channel 52 (or winds upp as after-midnight filler due to 'adult material').

According to the email I got from the Olelo Traffic Department, the Shaka Talk airdates are as follows:


Shaka Talk #1
7/24/09 Fri 11:00 am
7/25/09 Sat 12:00 pm
7/31/09 Fri 10:00 pm
8/1/09 Sat 8:00 pm

(#2 technically starts at 12am the following day, but working -and cruising for sex- in 24 Hour joints, I've learned how confusing that is for everyone, so...)

Shaka Talk #2
7/23/09 Thurs 11:59 pm
7/30/09 Thurs 11:59 pm
8/6/09 Thurs 11:59 pm
8/13/09 Thurs 11:59 pm

Shaka Talk #1 Part 1

Hostess Diar "D.R." Rhea introduces her co-hostess Edna Mc Man and their first guest, origami artist Won Park. He explains the beginnings of origami, how he started working with dollar bills, and displays some of his work in pictures and in studio. Edna goes off on some pronunciation tangent, and D.R. asks if Won is a race traitor.

Shaka Talk 1 Part 2

Won goes on to explain the contemporary history of origami, paying homage to Akira Yoshizawa, the "Father of Modern Origami", as well as Won's own mother who taught him "schoolyard origami". Won also brakes the news that he'll be a special guest at the Origami USA Convention in New York this summer, and talks about his legal entanglement with iPhone. Edna promotes Won's many achievements while D.R. questions his popularity.

Shaka Talk 1 Part 3

Won explains that his profession isn't such a lady magnet, and shows a pic of the full-body Transformers costume that his girlfriend wore to Kawaii Con when he won best-in-show for his Optimus Prime get-upp. He briefly talks about growing upp in Hawaii, and his new book he's working on. D.R. mocks Won's name and Edna mentions the challenges of folding money from different countries. Finally Won reveals the butterfly he'd been folding throughout the show.

Shaka Talk 2 Part 1

Diar "D.R." Rhea and co-hostess Edna Mc Man meditate and wish for a new boy to talk with, and like magic Alex Iverson appears! Right away he almost impresses them with his card tricks. But don't be fooled into thinking that the bug which flies past halfway through the clip reveals his secrets. Do be impressed by the way he makes cards fly around himself. Awkwardly, the video queued upp happens to be of the same tricks he just performed, but it's cool to see them in a public setting (plus there's a couple hot local boys in the videos). Finally Alex explains the two reasons most magicians learn their craft, but he just does it to make people smile (cheeseball).

Shaka Talk 2 Part 2

Alex demonstrates his "phonedom" for safer phone sex, then D.R. asks if there's evil spirits involved with his trickery. This leads to his explanation of his myspace moniker "The Wizard of Om", and his writings at under that name. When D.R. asks him to teach them a trick, he breaks down the magician's code, and proclaims that he's an entertainer, so that's why it doesn't bother him to break the rules. Alex also gives shout outs to Bicycle Man and Steve Williams, then sets upp the trick that he created.

Shaka Talk 2 Part 3

Alex demonstrates the trick he created, which seems to fail, then turns out kinda cool. D.R. challenges Alex to make her pick the card of her choice and it works! He brags about having influenced some of the magicians in town, but admits that he's borrowed a trick that hasn't perfected it. Next, to Edna and D.R.'s delight, Alex pulls out balls for them to marvel at. After a question about jail, Alex gives his angle about the legalization of marijuana. And finally, he closes the show with yet another card trick.

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