Monday, May 24, 2010

Mahaloooha!!! You so Nice.

Aloha. Mahalo. Fo da follow, and the all around nice things everbody's been saying about Shaka Talk. Y'all just make it that much more fun! And the haters: y'all're funny too! Some o' y'all're cute too. It's so random, the people who've seen our show, and it's nice to hear when our guests get recognized! Even if viewers can't stand Edna or I (D.R.), at least they become fans of the cool people we have on our show.

Due to some techo-difficulties and laziness, we had to buss' ass to cut together "Shaka Shorties", 10 minute excerpts from each of the 9 episodes we like to call "Season 1". You may notice, sadly, that co-host Edna Mc Man is absent from the "Eating in Public" interview, and even though there are other interviews without her, we are happy to say that Edna Mc Man is back in the house, and shaking her shakas like only she can!

Please enjoy "Shaka Shorties", and tell us if you or anyone you know wants to be on our show: email or befriend us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter. Thanks again y'all. Hope you're havin' as much fun as we are. Season 2 starts in June!

Shaka Shorties #1 Origamist Extraordinaire Won Park

Shaka Shorties #2 Perception Technician Alex Iverson

Shaka Shorties #3 Fine Ass Funny Filmmaker Gerard Elmore

Shaka Shorties #4 Cute Comedy Troupe In Yo Face Improv (IYFI)

Shaka Shorties #5 Hyper Human Beatbox Jason Tom

Shaka Shorties #6 Quickie HIV Test by the Life Foundation

Shaka Shorties #7 Punk Baker Otto Cake

Shaka Shorties #8 Reminiscent Renaissance Man Harry Ramos

Shaka Shorties #9 Proper Agitators Eating in Public

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